Activity in the Membership Portfolio

Although the deal was signed late in October, I am thrilled to announce that CanSPEP has entered into a strategic Partnership agreement with Events Systems Pro. This agreement has been in the works since spring of 2016. Event Systems Pro has been a long time supporter of CanSPEP so this was a natural fit. A key part of the agreement was working with GSI to implement a new administration system for CanSPEP, as well as offering CanSPEP members deeply discounted rates on the full suite of planning software services offered by ESP. This agreement allows CanSPEP to take our administration to the next level while maintaining fiscal responsibility to our membership. We look forward to a prosperous partnership with Event Systems Pro.

Again, late to the party but no less important, we are pleased to offer our members access to the contract templates. The three templates available are:

  • Planner to Client agreement
  • Planner to Planner agreement
  • Mutual Confidentiality

The board thanks the Past President Council for their hard work on these templates and thank you Daniel J. Fiorini, J.D. Barrister & Solicitor for vetting these documents.


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