CanSPEP Board of Directors

Tuesday Johnson-MacDonald, CMP, CMM
CanSPEP President 2016/2017
Responsible for overseeing the Board and Association Management’s activities. Read more about Tuesday...
Bettyanne Sherrer, CMP, CMM
CanSPEP Past President
Provides support, assistance and counsel to the President and Secretary Treasurer. Read more about Bettyanne...
Patricia Pearson, CMP
CanSPEP Secretary/Treasurer
Elected administrator and budget officer for the Society. Read more about Patricia...
Yvonne Dewar, CMP
Vice President, Communication
The Communication Portfolio handles all of the internal communication functions of the association with a focus on communications to members including education updates, association updates and newsletter. Read more about Yvonne...
Miranda Salvatore
Vice President, Communities & Member Engagement
The Community and Member Engagement portfolio is responsible for overseeing the operations of CanSPEP Communities across Canada. Read more about Miranda...
Natalie Lowe, CMM
Vice President, Education
The Education portfolio is responsible for the development of all educational content delivered by the Society, through all platforms (live events, webinars, etc.). Read more about Natalie...
Position Vacant
Vice President, Events
The Events portfolio is responsible to over see the management of event logistics all live events including education and social events.
Michelle Planche, CMP
Vice President, Marketing
The Marketing Portfolio handles all of the external communication functions of the association with a focus on communications to the public including print media, industry associations and social media. Read more about Michelle...
Joe Orecchio
Vice President, Membership
The Membership Portfolio handles all membership related functions of the association with a focus on membership recruitment, approval, retention and benefits. Read more about Joe...
Position Vacant
Vice President, Partnerships
The Partnership Portfolio oversees the partnership program for CanSPEP, ensuring that the organization maintains regular contact with meetings industry suppliers, recognizing the vital involvement of those who support and sponsor CanSPEP activities.

Meet The CanSPEP Team

Meagan Rockett
Association Ambassador
The Association Ambassador is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners. Read more about Meagan...
Heinz Wagner
Accounting Rockstar
Heinz is responsible for the bookkeeping of CanSPEP, supporting the organization by ensuring financial transactions are processed efficiently and reports are provided to the Board on a timely basis. Read more about Heinz...
Doreen Ashton Wagner
Strategic Consultant
Doreen provides strategic direction to CanSPEP through advising, supporting, leading and mentoring the Board of Directors towards fulfilling CanSPEP’s Mission and Vision statements. Read more about Doreen...