CanSPEP Communities

Our communities offer an opportunity for networking and professional development among CanSPEP members where you live.

CanSPEP currently has 3 communities:

  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • National Capital Region (NCR)
  • South Western Ontario (SWO)

To view the programs in these communities, please visit our events & conference page.

Participating in a CanSPEP community, you will discover:

  • Opportunities for local education
  • Networking and information sharing with local members
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with local industry suppliers
  • Opportunities to participate in local industry trade shows

Interested in starting a CanSPEP Community in your area?

To qualify as a Community of CanSPEP, the City/Region/Province must maintain, throughout the membership year (January 01 – December 31), a minimum of 5 non-student, active, paid independent event planner members.

While the Community does not need to be chartered or incorporated, it must agree to abide by all applicable laws that govern CanSPEP’s national operations.  Please contact Larissa Johnston at for more information.

Want to get involved?  Volunteer with CanSPEP!