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February 2017 – We LOVE Entrepreneurs!

Longtime CanSPEP Partners, and let’s face it – a HUGE part of the CanSPEP Family – AV Canada has gone through some recent changes.  Follow the link below for further details, and what they have in store for the industry!

But in the meantime, we couldn’t be happier for Robert & Danny; and wish them continued success with the company!

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January 2017 – New Year, New Business

Has another gone through the process of creating a launching a new website and breathing life into an old one?  Well, it’s kind of like building or renovating a new house – you never know what lies ahead until you start! Then the time and money spent is always more than anticipated.

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December 2016 – Business Planning for 2017


Summary of Business Planning Session

“The mind advances only when it has the patience to go in circles, in other words, to deepen.” – Emil Cioran

It’s interesting to watch people learn, although everyone does it differently, but an interesting pattern emerges over time that is consistent. Learners, by their nature, understand much of what they will learn will be reinforcement – it’s a by product of the activity. Just like a surfer knows that everyone, pro and novice alike, has to paddle the first few few out from the beach. The pro might go further and hit higher waves, but everyone starts on the beach, every time.

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October/November 2016 – Re-vision Your Business


Goal Setting: A Powerful Tool

Is it time to review or set some new goals and directions for your business? Goal setting is a powerful tool for thinking about the future and motivating you to create a vision for your future. The steps you take to reach your goals ensure your vision becomes a reality. Now may be the time to reassess and rethink your plans before heading into the busy bustle of a new year.

To help you define your goals for the coming year and ensure success, here are some ideas for setting achievable goals.

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September 2016 – Business Blueprints


Selling Happiness

If you choose to provide exceptional customer service, it could hurt your business. By raising expectations, says Mark Gordon, Customer Experience Expert and keynote speaker at the recent CanSPEP Business Summit, you might be creating expectations that can’t be met in future and doing it at a direct cost to your business. How then should business owners create great service that meets client’s expectations and earns client loyalty?

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August 2016 – Reading for Success


An Entrepreneur’s Reading List

Summer is a time for slowing down, taking stock and catching up on your reading. Entrepreneurs are always learning and reading is a great way to get new ideas, inspiration and just enjoy a great story.

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June 2016 – Innovative Leadership



The DNA of a Highly Effective Conference Team

A conference management team comes together for a singular purpose: To execute a live event with efficiency, professionalism and detailed perfection towards accomplishing a well-defined goal.

The dynamics of this team are unique from a regular working team.

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May 2016 – Obstacles Lead to New Directions


Business Tax – Things to Consider Moving Forward

This is one of a series of articles written by CanSPEP members who attended the 2016 CanSPEP Conference in Windsor. They have provided you with tips, insights and ideas gathered from some of the educational sessions.

At one of the popular business clinics offered at the CanSPEP conference this year in Windsor, the accountants from KPMG who ran the Tax Specialist Business Clinic provided some interesting tips to reduce taxes on our business. Since taxes have been top of mind, isn’t it time to think about how you could save for next year?

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March 2016 – Maximizing Resources


How I Grew My Business in Three Days

As a start-up event planner, the theme of the 2016 CanSPEP Annual Conference, Remembering the Past . . .Envisioning the Future, couldn’t have been more enticing. My business, Bash Divas, is young enough that I haven’t been exposed to the wealth of opportunities, networking, and experience that CanSPEP offers and that’s why I applied for the scholarship to attend this annual gathering in Windsor.

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February 2016 – Connecting Ideas and Initiatives


3 Keys to Making True Connections

The upcoming CanSPEP conference in Windsor March 3-5 is the perfect time to network with industry colleagues and partners. But in our busy, electronic world it is sometimes hard to make a true connection with another human being. So how can we enable honest and engaging connections?

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Lessons Learned When Disaster Strikes

Over a year ago, Caroline Aston, Principal Planner of Aston Events & Communications lost her home and primary office for her business in a house fire. One year later, Caroline reflects on how this affected her business and shares some lessons learned to prevent and lessen the effects of a serious business and personal accident.

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