RFP Opportunities


Throughout the year, CanSPEP publishes requests for proposals for goods and services required for different educational events. This is an opportunity for industry partners to showcase their expertise and products to an influential group of event entrepreneurs.

CanSPEP Annual Coaching Scholarship

Organization Details
CanSPEP (Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners) is a vibrant and growing society of entrepreneurs in the event planning profession from across Canada. We are an influential group of entrepreneurs, many of whom are recognized industry leaders.
Formed in 1996, the organization provides a forum in which members can meet to exchange ideas, develop skills through educational programs, and share partnership opportunities that foster business growth.
In the Spring 2018 membership survey, the buying power of our members contributes over $60 million in revenue generation annually in the events industry. CanSPEP is an active association in the event industry as well as a member of Meetings Mean Business.

Vision Statement
CanSPEP is leading Canada’s entrepreneurial meeting and event management industry through education, collaboration, awareness and advocacy.
For more information about CanSPEP, please visit www.canspep.ca

CanSPEP (Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners)
4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 310, Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7
Website: www.canspep.ca

Tender Process:
• This RFP is open to both CanSPEP members and non-members.
• This RFP is sent by broadcast email to all CanSPEP members and are posted on the CanSPEP website for public viewing.
• Board members or committee members must disclose any conflict of interest or personal intent when proposing and remove themselves from contracting discussions.
• All proposals will be acknowledged upon receipt.
• The successful quote will be selected by July 25, 2019 at the conference. Unsuccessful bidders will be notified by email.



Proposal Information

Name of Partnership:CanSPEP Annual Coaching Scholarship
Dates:July 2019-April 2020
Scholarships awarded:One entrepreneur
Brief description:Coaching services for one CanSPEP member for 12 months of coaching and mentoring.



Submission Requirements

For our mutual success, our expectations of the Scholarship Partner include the following commitments:

• Description of coaching services that you provide over the period outlined above.
• Detailed timeline and topics that would be covered.

What We Can Offer
Aside from the budgeted fee for the coaching services, you would be offered the opportunity to present with the winner at CanSPEP’s 2020 Annual Conference to outline the benefits of the scholarship and all that was accomplished over the year.
The presentation can be either in person or video.
Fees for attendance at the conference is not included.
Selection Process
The successful bid will have completed a comprehensive and collaborative proposal that meets the following requirements:
1. Demonstrates understanding of working with CanSPEP to create provide the best value price point for the scholarship;
2. Demonstrates an understanding of our members the coaching/mentoring needs.




Contact Information

Name:Colleen Fifield



Proposal Review

June 10, 2019RFP Distribution
June 14, 2019Response to questions provided by CanSPEP
June 21, 2019Deadline for proposal
July 25th, 2019Final decision by CanSPEP Board/inform candidates