Education and The CanSPEP conference


Written by Natalie Lowe, VP, Education

Greetings fellow CanSPEP members – it’s May and we are excited for all of the amazing educational events we have coming up!

Your conference education committee is in full swing – tucking in research and conference calls into already jam packed lives – please thank Mirielle Faucon, Helena Gomes, Barbara McRae and Chris Lutz for their hard work to create your conference education agenda for the CanSPEP Conference 2017, July 27 – 29, 2017 in beautiful Charlottetown, PEI.

They have volunteered countless hours, have dug deep and explored a variety of topics for your education and entertainment. Their hardest task is choosing what will be of value to such a wide range of experience, skills and specializations within our CanSPEP community.

I would like to ask you to do something for the education committee, but actually, it’s more for yourself than it is for them. Take some time and determine what you want as an outcome for the conference – do you want to learn a new skill, find some new contacts or explore topics in our industry? Do you have a problem you need to solve?

The challenge for the more experienced among us to find areas we can improve and the newer entrepreneurs to narrow your focus and prioritize – you can’t learn everything and no one conference can give you everything you need – so decide what you want out of this conference. Write it down and let us help you make it real.

Our interview on May 18th  with Tara Gentile (free for members!)  is designed to help you think about your business goals and part of this process is setting smaller goals along the way. Investing in CanSPEP was a great step, now let’s foster that investment by being clear on what we want from it.

The interview will be live, spear headed by our own BettyAnn Sherrer, and your questions will be answered live by one of the foremost small business thinkers on goal setting and collaborative working. Log in, engage and ask your pressing questions!

To join our education committee or explore other ways to engage with CanSPEP – please contact Meagan at


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