Meet Miranda Salvatore, VP, Communities & Member Engagement

Meet Miranda Salvatore

Name Miranda Salvatore
Company name Red House Events
Years in business 3 years
Where were you born and raised? Born and raised in Brampton Ontario
What do you specialize in? Specialize in corporate conferences, award shows, incentive travel, galas, and socials
What do you love most about your job? I love what I do, I am able to be creative and work with companies who know an event is more than just a ‘get together’, that it is an experience. Knowing I helped bring that experience to life, for a client, makes me happy.
If you could outsource one part of your job what would it be? I would outsource all things financial
What’s your favorite place to travel? I can’t say there is one specific place I enjoy travelling to, anywhere near water, a beach, and a good book!
Tell us one fun fact about you! I was an equestrian horseback rider for many years.

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