Meet Natalie Lowe, 2017-2018 CanSPEP Secretary-Treasurer


Name Natalie Lowe, CMM
Company name Celebrate Niagara
Years in business 12
Where were you born and raised? Slave Lake, Alberta
What do you specialize in? The Niagara region and transportation
What do you love most about your job? I meet a lot of really interesting people and I solve really interesting problems.
If you could outsource one part of your job what would it be? Creating proposals, not the creative part or the writing, I love that – just formatting – ugh!
What’s your favorite place to travel? Asia – I really enjoyed China and India and am looking forward to visiting my sister in Singapore, it’s so different from our lives here.
Tell us one fun fact about you! Although you all know me for my “work” reading habits, for fun, I am a voracious reader of the mystery/thriller genre – Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, Harry Bosch, the Camel Club – which is a habit I picked up from my dear friend, Bob, the  neighbour I talked about at the 2017 conference in PEI.

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