Meet Yvonne Dewar, VP, Communication


Name Yvonne Dewar, CMP
Company name Elastic Communications & Events Inc.
Years in business 12
Where were you born and raised? Etobicoke, ON
What do you specialize in? Multi-day corporate & association meetings
What do you love most about your job? I love the smart, experienced, kind-hearted people I surround myself with to make my life amazing!
If you could outsource one part of your job what would it be? Budgeting and reconciliation of final bills … well anything accounting related
What’s your favorite place to travel? Maui is heaven on earth … however, Siesta Key, FL is more affordable so it’s my happy place for now.
Tell us one fun fact about you! I own 2 vacation rental homes in Sarasota … they are part of my retirement plan!

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