Mireille Faucon

How many years have you been a CanSPEP Member? 2 years

What do you look forward to achieving in your portfolio this year?

As we move forward in year 2 of the Education Plan focused on the Entrepreneur, I hope to share my love of entrepreneurship by organizing thoughtful, engaging and hands-on education sessions.

My goal, is to provide support and leadership to the Education Sub-Committees as they develop different education sessions that will help you succeed and grow your business. Regardless if you have just started your business, or have been in business for a few years, we hope to provide you with insightful, practical and thought-provoking content.

Why did you get into the event management entrepreneurial space?

After 13 years working as an employee doing various event planning roles, I was looking for a life with more diversity and flexibility for me and my family. I made the leap and left my full-time position at the University of Ottawa in hopes of obtaining a few short-term employment contracts here and there. Shortly after, I was approached by a client who wanted help planning their conference in Banff, AB. What an amazing opportunity it was to officially launch an event planning business. I always dreamed of owning a business, and it became a reality in 2015. My passion for event planning is clear, but my love of entrepreneurship is constantly flourishing as my business continues to grow.