Natalie Lowe, CMM

loweCanSPEP Member For: 6 years

2016/2017 Goals: In the education portfolio this year, I hope to create a direct link between CanSPEP education and the members business success.  The education committee and I are working on this goal through three main methods, firstly – aligning the education topics directly to the business functions of your event business – finance, administration, human resources, operations, sales, marketing & customer service, research & development and entrepreneurial skills.

Secondly, we are using, where possible, researched based protocol – learning topics will be chosen for their efficacy and then sourced & delivered using scientifically proven methods to provide you with the greatest return on your investment in your education. This means more hands on learning and active workshops for you to hone your craft as a planner, a business person and a leader.

Thirdly,  education is interactive and this portfolio is responsible to you – so please speak up and get involved. Over the course of the next two years, there will be some education that fails and some that is a stunning revelation for you and your business. We can ask about the coffee break, but for content, it will only be as you go back to your businesses and your lives and start the hard work of putting what you learn into practice that you will really discover what works, what doesn’t, what helps and what hurts and I will need your help to sort those out.

As you might guess, I am a little passionate about learning – and I am looking forward to the next two years working with you to increase your business success.

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favourite authors, Robin Sharma -“Education is inoculation against disruption.”