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This article was written by Joe Orecchio, Road Ahead Meetings & Events

It was a long time in the works but late in 2016, CanSPEP and EventSystemPro put the finishing touches on a strategic partnership agreement.  This agreement was a key component to the new method of establishing member benefits.  Our focus in the membership portfolio has been on trying to assist our members in driving cost out of their business, while adding benefit to the association as a whole.  This agreement with EventSystemsPro achieves this goal.  CanSPEP had been utilizing dated software for our backend processes for some time.  With this new agreement, we have been able to make use of cutting edge technology to deliver services to our members.

Meagan Rockett, CanSPEP Association Ambassador says:

“The Board collectively decided in 2016 to re-fresh the online CanSPEP operation.  This essentially took place under two large projects that had to be completed simultaneously.  First, our website (which I hope you like!), and second, our new platform for our events and membership side of things.

Dustin and Chris came to the table with a viable solution, and I can honestly say, with the re-design of our online presence, combined with the preparation and launch of our Annual Conference registration, their system made it easy for me to use, and set things up.  And they have truly been by my side every step of the way to help me with my learning curve”.

Longtime CanSPEP members, Dustin Rivers and Chris Lutz (Verney Conference Management) believe that communication breeds efficiency. Knowledge sharing with peers can save an organization many valuable resources.  Over the past 13 years, with demand escalating, the leadership at VCM Inc. realized the need for an efficient and intuitive content management system.  And in 2011, EventSystemPro was born.

The EventSystemPro Suite sets itself apart from other CMS / AMS platforms for one simple reason; it was created for event planners by event planners] . By putting functionality first, the ESP Suite efficiently bridges the gap between multiple software solutions that event planners often employ and puts them into one…connected space.

EventSystemPro is a robust, yet simple to use web-based event management tool that includes:

  • Responsive Event Web Site (Content) Management
  • Event Registration Management and Reporting
  • Call for Abstracts/Presentations Management and Evaluation
  • Event Marketing and Communications Management
  • Membership Management
  • Invoicing and Budgeting Tools
  • Logistics Management

“We are event entrepreneurs first – so we GET IT,” says Dustin Rivers, Executive Director.  “That’s why we made it our mission to create a solution that empowers other entrepreneurs to successfully plan, produce and manage events while saving valuable time, expense and resources .”

And now we are the National Strategic Partner of CanSPEP! Not only have we put the power of ESP into the hands of CanSPEP Management, but we have developed an exclusive Member Benefit only available to CanSPEP Members.

ESP provides a premium service while offering multiple ways to save money, or better yet, make more!

  •       First, we are offering the complete Suite to member planners at less than half of the Organizational License. If you were to compare what one might pay for all the separate services found with the ESP Suite, you’d potentially see thousands of dollars in savings.
  •       Secondly, we are tying the minimal usage costs to your clients, meaning if marked up and managed like other conference expenses, ESP’s Suite can actually put more money in your pocket.

For more details:

Dustin Rivers
Executive Director
Verney Conference Management & EventSystemPro
p: 613.226.8317 x224 c: 613.229.7118
Chris Lutz
VP Program Development
Verney Conference Management & EventSystemPro
p: 613.226.8317 x220 c: 613.286.6942


Again, it is strategic partnerships with organizations like EventSystemPro that help keep the wheels turning at CanSPEP.  Next Month in this space, we will profile another one of our Strategic partners and the benefit to CanSPEP members.


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