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As many of you have heard over the years about the Past Presidents’ Council, I would like to take a few moments to give you an insight into what and who this group is.

CanSPEP is the unique association that has the benefit of engaging senior leadership long past their year as President.  Five  years ago, a council was struck to support the existing Board of Directors and undertake initiatives to help grow the association.  That endeavour resulted in the creation of the Past Presidents’ Council.  This Council is active and striving today and an integral part of the leadership fabric of CanSPEP.   These leaders draw from their intellectual bank as past Presidents to support CanSPEP in a project management capacity assisting with annual and/or special projects as required and assigned by the Board of Directors.  CanSPEP is an association that is centered around supporting each other as members in an environment where most of the members work independently and the Past Presidents’ Council’s role is to seek opportunities to engage and mentor members to appreciate and engage in the collegial culture that this association offers.  A few of the other tasks of the Past Presidents’ Council include being the official Archivists of the association, ensuring that all the memorable events and experiences of CanSPEP are kept alive and visible for all members to see.  

So, you can see the very important and valuable work this Council does year in and year out.  One of the most exciting elements of this group is the fact that year after year the Council grows as each President becomes a Past President and joins the Council.  Each new member brings fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the Council and engages new initiatives and viewpoints.  The Past Presidents’ Council is a model that we hope many other associations replicate to help them grow beyond the yearly tasks of existing committees and boards.

Please take a few moments to reach out to any Past President we would love to hear from you.  Mentorship is one of the most enjoyable elements of our Council.

Rita Plaskett, CMP, CMM

Founder, Past Presidents’ Council.


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