Patricia Pearson, CMP

patricica-head-shotCanSPEP Member For: 6 years

2018/2019 Goals:

To increase membership satisfaction by delivering focused educational content driven by the membership.

Ensure all members have a voice to influence the direction of our association.

To better demonstrate CanSPEP’s buying influence to our industry partners.

Why are you an Event Entrepreneur: I was turning 50 and had a decision to make, shit or get off the pot so to speak. So I took the leap.  The firm I worked for was closing, so did I got find another job or start my own business?  I wanted to show my 3 girls that you can do anything at any time in your life and being an entrepreneur is taking a risk but can have many rewards. I have no regrets. If I stopped tomorrow what I was doing, I can look back on the 3 years in business and say I accomplished what I wanted and did so much more in the 3 years as my own boss as I did in 8 years being an employee.