President’s Message – April 2017

Spring is here and as we go through this new season with it’s cycle of regrowth and regeneration of the environment around us, I always marvel at the resiliency of nature. After a long, crazy winter, spring bursts forward with optimism and life and it brings to mind how resiliency also plays such a strong role in our lives as entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs we are continually engaging with an ever-changing environment; sometimes change can be easily embraced and other times difficult to understand and accept. Whether we are challenged with a new expectation outlined by a client or have to be in problem solving mode due to an error or omission, or an issue has come up that requires quick thinking and action. This means as business people we too are constantly regenerating and growing our skill set.

I look over my own career and acknowledge the mistakes and issues (both personally and on a business level) that have arisen and it reminds me how those experiences, the trials and tribulations have helped me grow and become stronger. I have become more resilient as I’ve learned not to beat myself up over my errors rather to look to learn from mistakes and or circumstances that negatively impact me.

Certainly my personal motto has become looking for the lesson learned in a difficulty time and yes genuinely giving things for that experience as it had helped me grow and become a stronger person, a stronger business owner, a stronger event planner. This is not always an easy process and certainly one of my mechanisms remain competitive in this industry. Another mechanism, I actively look for ways to build my skills in advance of challenges – continuously self-evaluating and strategic planning on creating expertise which I can provide to my clients for their benefit.

I look forward to joining you on the April 27th webinar on Risk Management and on building skills for assessing and dealing with risk for ourselves and our clients.

Whatever season you and your business are in, take a moment to acknowledge your own resiliency. Let’s celebrate our growth as entrepreneurs and acknowledge most of that growth came from our challenges and congratulate ourselves for our resiliency.


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