President’s Message – March 2017

Happy Marvelous March!  Another very busy month for our members and the board, both on a individual business level and as active Board members – seems like the entrepreneurial life has everyone well and thriving!  

In my last greeting I noted the ‘revamping’ of a new strategic educational direction the Board has started to implement.  The VP of Education, Natalie Lowe, has created a plan responsive to member needs with the primary goal of helping you, the CanSPEP member, increase the success of your business.

The seven critical components of the education plan are in the chart below.  Each of the segments  focuses on specific skills, knowledge and attitudes you identified in the member survey. The education committee will concentrate future events on the skills you have prioritized in the survey.  

I have asked Natalie, in collaboration with Michelle Planche, VP of Marketing, to create a short video outlining this new plan and how you can utilize the plan to create the most benefit for your unique business.   I promise you will be excited to hear what CanSPEP has put in place to help you and your business be more successful, on your terms!  

Our membership continues to grow and please join me as we welcome our new members! Angela Chorney, Sindy Souffrant and Emmanuelle Dany, I personally look forward to meeting and getting to know each of you.   Remember, the best way to reap the benefits of your membership is to get involved and we invite you to  join a committee and make your voice heard.

We also formally welcome our new Live Streaming National Strategic Partner, Freeman Audio Visual Canada.  This new level of sponsorship by Freeman allows CanSPEP to enhance educational service delivery to our members across the Canada.  We will be implementing regular live streaming events bringing all our members together to benefit, grow and build new relationships within the Association, across the country from sea, to sea, to sea.


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