Sure Ways To Transition Back To Work After A Vacation

from Miguel Campos, Grupo Events, Mexico

Coming back to work after a vacation is very difficult. One moment you are soaking in freedom and sunshine, and the very next you’re back to reality.

Here is a list of sure ways to get back to work, choose the ones that will work best for you:

Organize Your Desk Before You Leave

Is always great returning to work to a well organized and clean desk.

Get To Work Earlier

On your first day back, do your best to arrive at work a bit early. This will give you time to digest the fact you’re no longer on vacation, and it will allow time to catch up on emails. You will also want some quiet time before coworkers ask you about your vacation.

Deal With The Piles ASAP

Even though you cleaned your desk, it’s still likely there will be piled up mail, files, and papers, get to it as soon as you can.

Make A Prioritized To-Do List

I often find it’s helpful to write down everything I have to do, regardless of timeframes. Once it’s all done you can prioritize.

Don’t Schedule Any Meetings

If you can, try not to schedule anything too strenuous — like an out-of-office meeting — for your first few days back.

Take It Slow

While you’re at it, don’t take on anything new for the first couple days.

Keep The Traditions Alive

If you’ve been eating delicious food for the past few days, treat yourself to something similar on your first day back at work.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Emails

If you totally unplugged during your trip, then you’ll probably come back to a huge list of emails. One way to tackle them is to ignore the dates, and instead sort by importance.

Schedule Something Fun

Don’t overdo it, because you’re probably jet lagged, but try to give yourself something to look forward to after work, something fun.

Go Home And Sleep

You’re probably going to feel tired when you get back from vacation, whether it’s due to jet lag, or other factors, plus a busy day catching up at work, and you’ll probably feel exhausted. So go home and sleep, it will help you get back on schedule, and make the work day feel that much easier.


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