Tina Hughes

Tina Hughes Photo Shoot, December 6, 2015 Photo by Jason Code

How many years have you been a CanSPEP Member? 3 years

What do you look forward to achieving in your portfolio this year? I am excited having the opportunity to be the first director managing the new “Events Portfolio”.  That being said all things new take time to develop and perfect.  Perfection will only come with trial and error and implementing all Lessons Learned into processes and procedures that will be utilized by the incumbents in years to come.

Why did you get into the event management entrepreneurial space? John F. Kennedy once said he became a war hero because “they sunk my boat.” He became an entrepreneur because he got thrown out of his job.  Well I had a similar case, my husband was seriously hurt while on duty and he was my hero and our families life boat.

Everyone has a choice in life – you can’t control what happens to you but you can control who and what you want to be.  I was 36 years old with an angelic life and all of a sudden on January 2, 2008 my entire world got rocked, at the time we did not know that my husband had suffered from a traumatic brain injury and would be in bed for the next two years, unable to drive or stay awake.   My gut told me something was really wrong and I needed to step up and focus to be the life boat for the baby in my belly, 4 year old, 5 year old and 14 year old.  My brain took over and my focus was directed at what I was insanely good at and had the passion, drive, skill sets and unwavering work ethic for…Event Management.  And that my friends is a just the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.  My motto in life “now” is always have a plan B and you have a gut for a reason so listen to it.