CanSPEP Board of Directors


Natalie Lowe, CMM
President 2018/19
Elected administrator and budget officer for the Society. Read more about Natalie...
Malak Sidky
Vice President, Events
The Events portfolio is responsible to over see the management of event logistics all live events including education and social events. Read more about Malak...
Julia O'Grady
Vice President, Marketing
The Marketing Portfolio handles all of the external communication functions of the association with a focus on communications to the public including print media, industry associations and social media. Read more about Julia...
Dustin Rivers
Vice President, Membership
The Membership Portfolio handles all membership related functions of the association with a focus on membership recruitment, approval, retention and benefits. Read more about Dustin...
Carly Silberstein
Vice President, Partnerships

The Partnerships Portfolio ensures regular contact with all key industry stakeholders including meeting industry suppliers, recognizing the vital involvement of those who support and sponsor CanSPEP activities; and relationships with the leadership of other industry associations. Read more about Carly...

Gale Gingrich, CAAP, CMP (retired)
Secretary Treasurer
Serving as Secretary Treasurer. Read more about Gale...