BAD THINGS DON’T ONLY HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE — Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Auto Limit to $2 Million


If you’re like most people, at one point or another, you’ve likely complained about the fact that
you must have Auto insurance before you can legally drive a car in Canada. We get it—Auto
insurance can be expensive. And you’re a safe driver. So you think: you’ll probably never even
need to make a claim.

But have you ever been watching TV, only to see footage of a massive car crash that happened
on a road you drive on regularly? Has it ever made you realize that could have easily been you,

In Canada alone, 160,000 car accidents occur every year. So the government wants you to
have Auto insurance both to protect you and to protect the public, in case you get hurt, or
accidentally hurt someone else. Statistics show that both of these scenarios are equally as
likely to happen on any given day.
While damage to a car typically has a finite range of expenses, you also have to consider the
possibility of personal injury—whether it’s to you, or to a third party. From medical bills to loss
of income, and damages for pain and suffering, it can get expensive. Most Canadians have a
standing Auto limit of $1M. But when personal injury comes into play, $1M quickly disappears.
When your insurance limit runs out, you’ll be expected to pay damages out-of-pocket. If you
can’t make the payments, assets can be seized, along with a percentage of your future income.
To truly cover your assets, we suggest increasing your Auto limit to $2M.

Increasing your limit doesn’t only help others with their injury costs. If you are injured in a car
accident yourself, and the offending party has used up the $1M available on their policy, you
can access an additional million dollars from your own $2M policy. This additional coverage
provides you with superior protection, and it often comes at only a slight bump in your
insurance premium. You’ll barely notice the change in what you’re paying, and you’ll be glad to have the security, should something occur.
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the right price.

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