CanSPEP President’s Message – March 2016


sherrer-photoThis month’s President’s Message belongs to CanSPEP’s first President and Founder, Joy Fox, CMP Emeritus.

Following is an excerpt from a message received from Joy and showcases why Joy continues to be an inspiration to us all.

“You all treated me with such love and respect and gave me so much recognition throughout the conference, I feel humbled but immensely proud of where we have taken this association since day one. Being there in Windsor made me realize that the dream has become a reality. To know that CanSPEP is so well respected in the industry and unique in the culture of the industry fills my heart with so much gratitude for those who have volunteered their time and expertise to push us forward. The accolades and recognition you all gave me I will direct back to all of you who have done this marvelous thing. Not only have you fulfilled my original dream, you have taken it further, but I don’t think it is finished yet. We will continue to grow and I hope expand throughout our wonderful country. The introduction of scholarships particularly thrills me. I spoke to the new members individually and I can only say that they are enthusiastic and honoured to be a part of this wonderful organization. What next, I wonder, will we accomplish? It is thrilling to be a part of this group.”

“What next, I wonder, will we accomplish?” This is the legacy that Joy and the Founding Members have passed like a gauntlet through each of the Past Presidents, and continues to inspire the leadership today. As entrepreneurs, this is the question that also drives our members and feeds our passion for the work that we do, for CanSPEP and the industry at large.

Our 20th Anniversary Conference asked us to “Remember the Past, and Envision the Future”. Our Past is a solid foundation that has lead us to today where we are on the precipice of so many exciting opportunities. Knowing many of our new members, including our inaugural scholarship recipients and inaugural volunteer award winners, tells me that our future is in great hands indeed.


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