Leave the Podium-Themed Sponsorship Packages Behind


If you’re struggling to secure event sponsorships and you’re still using gold, silver and bronze tiered packages to attract sponsors, we need you to know that 1995 called and they want their sponsorship packages back!

It’s time to up your sponsorship game by attending Ottawa’s NEW sponsorship conference – WSC®inthe613 on September 10-11, 2018 at the Infinity Convention Centre.

Many of your colleagues in the arts, cultural, sport, not-for-profit and events/festival space have already registered.

So have several brands who have sponsorship dollars to spend. Plus, there will be a ton of sponsorship consultants and firms who know their stuff and are willing to share.

See who’s coming and check-out the schedule of events!

Register NOW and take advantage of a special promo! With the following promo code CanSPEP members are eligible to receive $50 off the summer rate of $749 (valid until July 6th) – enter code CANSPEP50


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