Minimize Your Risk of Vision Loss: Visit Your Optometrist Every 2 Years


For work, for leisure, and for everything in between, you most likely have a constant companion: the internet.

These days it’s virtually impossible to avoid spending a good chunk of your day transfixed by our friend, the internet.

While our phone, tablet and computer screens help us accomplish various tasks with relative ease, they also damage our eyesight in tandem. Most of you know that dry eyes, redness, and blurred vision are common consequences of using such devices regularly. So, it should come as no surprise that health professionals predict increased instances of nearsightedness, and other long-term vision problems as a result of eyestrain.

But this is not a cautionary tale against the dangers of technology and the internet. Rather, this is a call to action to visit your optometrist regularly and get your eyes checked out. Eye conditions are surprisingly prevalent in Canadians—affecting at least 5.5 million—and instances of vision loss are only expected to increase as we become more reliant on technology. Luckily, almost 75% of all vision loss can be prevented, if caught early on.

Unfortunately, eye disease often presents with no symptoms, until it’s too late to prevent the outcome. This speaks to the importance of having a regular eye check-up. Beyond assessing the health of your eyes, an optometrist can also identify the early warning signs of other systemic conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, hypertension, and even high cholesterol levels.

Health professionals recommend that adult Canadians visit their optometrist once every two years. Yet for many, vision is not a part of their employee benefits package. It’s also not usually covered by the standard provincial health insurance plans for adults aged 20-64 unless you have an underlying medical condition.

However, you don’t have to pay such expenses out-of-pocket just to get the care that you deserve. At PROLINK, we have an extended health care plan that includes vision coverage, ensuring you get optometry check-ups in a timely manner. With regular care, you’ll be secure in knowing that you can catch potential vision problems as soon as possible. And besides being offered at an excellent group rate, with our customized plan, you’ll also get access to other paramedical services for treatment and prevention of other conditions that can affect your health overall.

To discuss your needs and evaluate options available to you, contact PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection today. We will interview you and find a solution that best fits your needs and offers the protection you require. It’s all about you, and we can help.

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