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CanSPEP members are experienced professionals with unique assets and skills - ready to help you plan, manage and execute your event(s) with ease. With a bit of information from you, you will receive a proposal services in your inbox from top qualified companies and planners. Ease of planning and execution starts here!

CanSPEP members have assisted numerous clients to produce every type of event imaginable - including:

  • regional, national and international conferences
  • fundraisers
  • galas
  • trade shows
  • corporate retreats and incentive travel
  • intimate social events
  • weddings and special events

When you partner with a CanSPEP member, you will:

  • Increase the quality of services delivered by using trained and experienced professionals that understand industry procedures and requirements.
  • Decrease the time and money you spend on logistical planning and event management, allowing you more time to focus on other important matters.
  • Take advantage of best practices and event industry discounts with an experienced CanSPEP professional
  • Access a network of skilled industry suppliers that have credible relationships with professional event planners who can confidently recommend the quality of their work.
You can be assured that a CanSPEP member will work with your best interests as their primary concern. We all subscribe to a set of professional principles.


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