Increasing Your Membership Value

Membership in any organization increases in value the more you get involved.  Here are ways our members and industry partners volunteer and benefit from the increased profile and experience:

Board Member

Work with seasoned planners and event entrepreneurs to govern the Society and shape the future of CanSPEP. Open to CanSPEP members.

Annual Conference Committee Member

Organizing the Annual Conference is a great way to showcase your talents, and meet other CanSPEP members and suppliers on a professional level. Open to CanSPEP members and industry partners.

Committee Member

Each Vice President on the Board recruits committee members to help with the work that makes CanSPEP function; an excellent way to both meet members and learn about the organization. Open to CanSPEP members and industry partners.

Task Force Member

From time to time, short-term projects arise where a task force is struck. Bring your expertise to the table and learn about issues and topics that interest you. Open to CanSPEP members and industry partners.

Partner Advisory Council (PAC)

Our Partner Advisory Council taps into the expertise of our partners and suppliers. PAC members share best practices and knowledge that enhances the educational offerings for CanSPEP members and strengthens sponsorship opportunities and relationships. Open to industry partners and chaired by the CanSPEP Vice President, Partnerships.

Looking to volunteer with CanSPEP?  Get in touch!  Email Larissa Johnston at info@CanSPEP.ca or call 1-866-336-2653 to learn more about volunteer opportunities.