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Advertising Opportunities

CanSPEP Website

Website Ad Block: 

Cost: $250/ad, per month (12 Months for $2,000 and save $1,000)

Size: 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels high

Home Page Banner Ad:

Cost: $1000 per month (4 Months for $3,000 and save $1,000)

Size: 2400 pixels wide by 500 pixels high

Note: This is the rotating banner on the homepage and includes the opportunity to link to a specific page and include a small block of content and tracks page visits.

CanSPEP Newsletter

Newsletter Advertisement:

Cost: $400 per newsletter 

Size: 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high

Newsletter Article: 

Cost: $500 per article

Size: 250-500 words

Note: We reserve the right to verify the content before posting.

If you are interested in advertising with CanSPEP, please contact info@canspep.ca

You can access the full 2024 sponsorship prospectus here.


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