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SITE CANADA - Education Day

  • October 28, 2020

Ongoing tumultuous upheaval has swept through our industry and thrown us into uncharted waters. You may feel quite untethered, and rightly so. Please look to us and consider SITE Canada your life preserver in these choppy seas of change. Let’s anchor ourselves together as we initiate a reset and move forward with renewed purpose.

We hope you have marked October 28th on your calendar. Although the channel has changed from “live” to “virtual,” our Education Day: The Comeback Journey, promises to be an engaging and instructive gathering of your peers.
Education Day will expand our thinking, prowess, and ingenuity with an agenda chock full of ace keynote speakers serving up fresh takes on relevant topics; Dialogue Dens offering small group connections; guided wellness activity,‘snackable’ insights to ponder; and inspiring stories from those out there bringing the moxie in a time where fearlessness wins the day.
We all need a boost in morale, compass direction, and renewed purpose. On October 28th, we will strive to provide a bounty of uplifting content and camaraderie.
What you can look forward to:
REUNITE. Ample interaction with your fellow SITE members plus friends of SITE
REFOCUS. Support & personal reflection for a lift in confidence & optimism
REIMAGINE. Hard skills and practices to enhance your toolkit & client offerings
SITE’s Vancouver Manifesto committed to social responsibility and sustainability. With that in mind, The Comeback Journey is proud to include a special presentation by a young Canadian company that has developed novel eco-friendly product for the hotel industry. On the vanguard of the environmental movement (and featured in National Geographic!), these bright minds are sure to fill your hearts and minds with “Yes, we can!” spirit and propel us all forward with renewed hope and vigour.
We want you to know that you’re not alone. We’re sending high fives and much needed virtual hugs in salute to your boundless capacity to revive, refocus, and face a new day. We’re in this together!
Let’s applaud our resilience as we navigate this crisis and realize our power to meet formidable challenges. The Comeback Journey will take us to the other side to forge a new and vital path.




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