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Day of Visibility for the Canadian Live Events Industry

  • September 22, 2020

As the live event industry remains largely dark, a grassroots group is organizing a special day to shed light on the talented professionals, destinations, venues and services across the country that are on stand by for a safe return. An hour after sundown Tuesday, September 22, 2020 the Day of Visibility for the Canadian Live Events Industry will see venues and businesses across the country lit in red.

“We need to step out from the dark and highlight and celebrate the breadth of the industry,” says Morgan Myler, Live Event Community co-founder.

The Live Event Community is reaching out to technicians, suppliers and venues across the country to raise the profile of an industry that has lost 80-95%, following in the footsteps of similar campaigns in both Germany (#nightoflight2020) and the UK (#LightItInRed).

The organization is urging the events community to work with local suppliers, colleagues and venues to create their own interpretation of the theme. The event's website will feature an interactive map to showcase the participating locations, and provide resources such as safety documents and a boilerplate permit request letter to be sent to local governments as needed. A robust social media campaign will also be in place, using the hashtags #LightUpLive #EclaironsLesScenes




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