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Site Hybrid Conference

  • February 02, 2021
  • February 03, 2021
  • Virtual

“Courage – the power within and among us”

Last January the global community of incentive travel professionals gathered in Vancouver to explore how travel as a motivational tool is a powerful way for the business world to support the indomitable human spirit that seeks connections with others, opportunities to learn new things, chances to discover unvisited places. 

With “limitless” as our theme, we expressed our collective response to any local, regional or global actions that sought to limit or restrict who we are as human being.

Little did we know that soon our lives and livelihoods would be severely limited, under attack from an invisible force, a virus that, by now, has wreaked havoc all over the world, unleashing a pandemic of truly epic proportions. 

But when there’s a battle, we need to stand our ground.

When our livelihoods and lives come under attack, we need to fight back, band together, connect with the power within us and among us to protect who we are, what we have become, how we make our indispensable contribution.

That power within us and among us is courage and it’s the theme for SITE Global Conference 2021.

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