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Gender Inclusion and Diversity: Tactical Considerations for In-person and Virtual Events

  • February 16, 2022
  • 13:00 - 14:30
  • Virtual
  • 117


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Gender Inclusion and Diversity:  Tactical Considerations for In-Person and Virtual Events

February 16, 2022, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST

Creating warm and welcoming experiences for all attendees at our events is essential.  This tactical conversation about gender diversity and inclusion at events is led by Heather Reid of Planner Protect, with first-voice experience being shared by her trans son, Noah Reid.  In addition to terminology and appropriate etiquette, registration forms, pronouns, language used by speakers, and physical considerations such as inclusive washrooms, will be discussed.  The presentation will be followed with an opportunity for candid discussions!

Key Takeaways

By attending this session, participants will be:

1)     Aware of basic gender terminology, pronouns, inclusive language and etiquette

2)     Informed about practical advice on how event organizers can create a more inclusive environment through thoughtful and proactive planning

3)     Provided with an open environment to ask difficult questions and learn

Session Details

  • 60-minute workshop with 30-minute Q&A. 
  • Live polling and interactive chat will be included.
  • Zoom meeting platform / “cameras on” preferred but optional

Session Speakers

Noah Reid, Customer Support Team Lead, Guusto

Heather Reid, Founder & CEO, Planner Protect Inc


Noah Reid is a robotics engineer by study, customer support leader by profession, community organizer by passion and cat dad by choice.  Inseparable from all parts of his life, are his unapologetic and outspoken queerness and trans-ness.  His knowledge of the trans community comes from both first voice experience and involvement with local community and support service work.  He was worked within his local queer and trans communities through coordinating a support service, facilitating discussion groups and executing community events, and has a collection of other unique and cherished opportunities.  His frequent qualifier is “as one trans person, I cannot, should not and will not speak for the entire community.  However, I can share what I understand to be true and will absolutely help connect people with folks and resources more knowledgeable than I!”

Heather Reid, Founder and CEO of Planner Protect Inc., draws on her 25+ years as an independent event planner to support event hosts and event industry professionals in negotiating balanced contracts. In 2017, Heather was inducted into the Canadian Meetings & Events Expo’s Hall of Fame and was named a “Smart Woman in Meetings” – both in the Innovator categories.  In 2021, Heather was awarded CanSPEP’s Heidi Wilker Excellence in Mentorship Award.  Planner Protect’s consulting services help event hosts protect their finances, their reputations and quite literally – their events!

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