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CanSPEP Day - 2024

  • January 24, 2024
  • 08:00 - 18:00


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Join us as we embrace a day of learning, networking and creativity. Sessions will explore the evolving world of event planning and how we can all contribute to the continued success of our industry. Get ready to elevate your skills, broaden your network and get inspired!




The challenge was massive. An international event bringing the deafblind community together showcasing latest research, experiences and best practices that are shaping the world for those who are deaf blind. This conference was not only for academics and professionals working in the field of Deafblindness, but also professional interpreters and communication guides, people with both acquired and congenital deafblindness and their families.

Hear from the executive team who met this challenge, providing insights from the client, technology and planner perspective.

BETTYANNE SHERRER, Lead Planner and Producer (CanPlan Event & Conference Services)


CATHY PROLL, Conference Co-Chair and CEO SENSITY

JENNIFER ROBBINS, Conference Co-Chair and Executive Director, Canadian Helen Keller Centre



Using easy and practical painting techniques, guests will be motivated to wake up their inner artist and brush away in a one hour guided painting session, creating a beautiful winter inspired piece and finishing with an enormous feeling of satisfaction.


Heidi Diquez is a Public Relations and Certified Corporate Event Planner with over two decades of experience in the corporate world in the energy sector, as External Relations and Communications Manager. With a passion for human rights, Heidi founded a successful NGO in 2017, to support women and migrant youth in the Caribbean. Her determination and leadership for social justice was recognized by the US Department of State, honouring Heidi with the Women of Courage Award in 2019.

The challenges of the pandemic fuelled Heidi's passion for painting, and after experiencing personal and a group transformation through simple and relaxing painting techniques, she now shares her beliefs that painting IS for everyone and the impact of exploring that inner artist is invaluable and leads to rewarding outcomes in every aspect of your life.



Challenging Everything You Thought You Knew About Innovation

When Lee Jeyes gets up on stage, something happens in the room. It’s a subtle but powerful shift. People start to pay attention. As Walmart Canada’s most recent Head of Innovation, Lee knows all about the strategies and innovations changing the face of business. Ranging from algorithms and social media to robotics and AI, Lee dives deep into the latest tech and innovations that will affect your business.

In this hyper-informative talk, Lee takes on our current business environment and reveals why the prevailing strategies for innovation and disruption aren’t enough.

Lee's insights help audiences navigate the challenges of emerging technologies and current business practices and search for the opportunities that can be harnessed in the midst of chaos.

LEE JEYES, Acclaimed Business Futurist, Innovation Strategist, Former Head of Innovation Walmart Canada

In our rapidly evolving business landscape, Lee Jeyes equips leaders with the tools and strategies needed to face changes head-on and thrive.

As the most recent Head of Innovation at Walmart Canada, Lee led a team of researchers, creators, strategists and developers that continuously challenged the status quo. Lee was the youngest store manager in both the UK and Canada for the world's largest retailer and was part of the launch of Walmart Canada's online grocery business which drove over $500 million in business value in a two-year period.

His contributions to the industry have been recognized in publications such as the Progressive Grocer's Industry's Best and Brightest Under 40 in 2021.

Spearheading the launch and leading Walmart Canada's first innovation incubator - Blue Labs - Lee's primary role was to discover, intake and create solutions for the most complex challenges that customers and leaders are facing today.

In his spare time, you can find him in Toronto walking along the water with his Great Dane - Wall - or making music in his plant-filled loft.



Elevating Experiences for Multicultural Audiences

The face of Canada is changing. Each new wave of immigration has added to the nation's cultural composition, and the tastes and buying habits that set trends in Canada are quickly shifting. With 1 in 4 Canadians being foreign born and millions of new immigrants coming to the country every few years, it's a demographic tsunami that is transforming how we think about and manage business as "multicultural" becomes "the new mainstream".

This insightful discussion, based on both facts and feelings, explores the changing face of Canada, the changing considerations for event planning and will shed light on what's to come. Join Multicultural Marketing industry veteran, Bobby Sahni, as he shares perspectives and experiences on how to win in an increasingly diverse world - today, tomorrow and in the future.

BOBBY SAHNI, Partner & Co-Founder, Ethnicity Matters

Bobby Sahni is a veteran thought-leader in the multicultural marketing and advertising industry. Bobby was the Head of Multicultural Marketing at Rogers Communications and has been a pioneer in developing, executing and managing diversity and multicultural marketing initiatives for a number of best-in-class organizations. He is Co-Founder and Partner at Ethnicity Matters - a multicultural marketing and advertising agency dedicated to helping companies drive new growth and sales by engaging North America's fast growing, big spending ethnic and new immigrant communities. He is also Partner in Tulsea Sports Marketing, a US-based sports marketing consultancy focussed on the intersection of multicultural marketing and sports & entertainment.

Bobby has earned national and interational recognition for his work and thought leadership in multicultural marketing. Bobby also loves teaching, having guest-lectured at many universities/colleages and regularly speaks at industry events and conferences across North America. Bobby has also been on a variety of advisory boards including Imagine Canada, Hockey Canada, Seva Food Bank, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce, Reel Asian Film Festival and Credit Valley Conservation Foundation. Bobby earned his MBA from the global Kellogg Schulich Executive MBA program with cross-cultural studies in Hong Kong, Germany, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. He also holds a Bachelor of Science & Business degree from the University of Waterloo.


CHOOSING ABOVE THE LINE IN A BELOW THE LINE WORLD - Using True Positivity to Create the Life You Truly Want

With the ever-evolving challenges and demands of the event planning industry, it can be a struggle to not get caught up in a pessimistic mindset and unproductive patterns. Whether you seek happiness, fulfillment or extraordinary business success, discover how to choose an above the line, profoundly positive mindset to unleash your full potential, elevate your performance and achieve the results you crave. A positive mindset can boost your confidence, effectiveness and resilience. Using simple neuroscience and a common-sense four step process, you will learn how to shift from negativity to a truly positive mindset in almost any situation.

ALLYSON LEE, Keynote Speaker and Mindset Coach

A seasoned coach and speaker, Allyson is passionate about helping her audiences and clients tap into their entrepreneurial spirit, stretch out of their comfort zones and level up their performance and effectiveness in both their personal and professional lives.

With a rich and varied background, Allyson began her career in event planning at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and the Toronto Airport Hilton. From there she worked in strategic communications, consulting and executive coaching with an impressive array of certifications, including being a Certified Neuro Transformational Coach. Allyson possesses a unique understanding of the intricate dance between the brain, behaviour and success.

Allyson has been successfully coaching and training executives and entrepreneurs for 20 years around the world including Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Nicknamed the Velvet Hammer, Allyson thoughtfully and respectfully guides clients to shift their limiting beliefs and habits to mindsets that support performance, growth, leadership and results.



BRANDON DAVID's love of magic began at the age of five, immediately after seeing a live magic performance. The mysteriousness of the illusions captivated him and he instantly began teaching himself the basics of magic. Fast forward 28 years, his passion for the art of magic has remained and he has transformed into an extremely talented magician who is continuously honing his skills, keeping his magic fresh and his show current. His wit alongside his undeniable talent makes Brandon the perfect entertainment for any event.

Over the past twenty years, Brandon has been sought after by many corporate clients including Coca-Cola, William F Whites, Porsche, Blue Jays, Live Nation, Red Path Sugar, Magna International, CTV Television, and Beaches Resort & Spa in Turks and Caicos, to name just a few.

Brandon has donated much of his time performing magic for many major charities such as Sick Kids Hospital, Starlight Foundation, and Children's Wish Foundation.

In the magic community, Brandon is recognized for being an innovative creator of a number of effects that have been used by many well-known magicians, some of which have been featured on national television. Beyond Creative Magic (BCM), a company created by Brandon, sells a line of professional magic that can be found in many major retail and online stores worldwide.

Brandon also travels to many locations, lecturing other magicians and hobbyists. Brandon David's unique style of magic has to be seen to be believed. No matter the type of event, he will gear his show accordingly and encourage guest participation. He will leave your guests with a truly magical experience that they won't soon forget.



GROOVE STREET is a dynamic, high energy group of musicians who love to entertain an audience. Covering many crowd favourites from the dance party era, we will keep the audience dancing and singing all night long. Come get your groove on with us!


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