at Langdon Hall

Cambridge, ON

Monday, October 28th – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Distrupted or Disruptor! Which are you!

The speed of technological advances has undoubtedly shaken up and disrupted our industry.  Has Google been able to supply to our clients the services they needed us for previously, has UBER Eats replaced room service in a hotel, has virtual tours replaced site inspections?
Or…. Has google made our jobs easier with more information to present to our clients, has UBER Eats made our delegates experiences in hotels more pleasurable and affordable with greater variety, especially with the increase in food intolerance and has virtual tours made it possible for us to save time and money by not traveling to locations and making it possible for us to respond to RFPs faster?  These are just a few examples.

This session will look at both sides of disruption and allow us to see the positive that change is bringing forward.

For our CanSPEP Day attendees, you have the opportunity to arrive a day early and see what the Waterloo Region has to offer!

Join the SUNDAY SITE TOUR offered free of charge by Waterloo Regional Tourism and Partners to CanSPEP Day registrants.

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1 Langdon Dr, Cambridge,, Ontario, Canada, N3H 4R8