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Are you ready? Are you excited?

We sure are! The planning committee has been working extremely hard to develop a throught-provoking, fun and SAFE experience for you. We can't wait to see you in Waterloo!

This conference is very different from others planned in our past. Not only because of the pandemic, but also because it is a Hybrid design, and we are striving for a zero-emissions event to support our sustainability goals.



While CanSPEP cannot guarantee conference attendees will not become infected with COVID-19, CanSPEP has adopted preventative measures to reduce the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus at our Annual Conference in accordance with COVID-19 guidance provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Region of WaterlooWe also have additional support from Waterloo Region who will be ensuring all businesses we are working with are following provincial guidelines. We are only as strong as our weakest link so we would ask you to adhere to our Duty of Care program noted below:

BEFORE you arrive at The Walper Hotel 

Please register BEFORE Wednesday, October 20th at https://saniapp.trakrsuite.com/canspep/login and follow 6 steps …

1.     Create an Account by clicking on:  NEW USER and search for 'CanSPEP' 

2.     For reporting purposes, select Account Type “Employee” from the drop-down. 

3.     Enter your “Contact Details” and create a USER ID [e.g. your email] and PASSWORD for your account.  Record this information in a safe place to log in for your DAILY screenings. 

4.     Review your profile, update your vaccination details and upload your proof of vaccination. 

5.     Upload your proof of double vaccination to the saniTrakr App.  

    You can access a PDF copy of your vaccination from Ontario Health or through your provincial health organization.  Note: all data will be deleted 30 days following the conference.

    6.    To create a ‘Home button icon’ on your phone please watch this instructional video: CLICK HERE

      ARRIVAL at The Walper Hotel 

      Once you arrive at the Walper Hotel, check-in and then proceed 1 floor up to the Duty of Care desk and you will be provided a Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test to administer before participating in the conference.  Please watch the Training Module: Take-home testing for the PanbioTM COVID-19 antigen rapid test, this is a shorter animated version instructional video. Results take 15 minutes.

      Please administer the test in your guest room or use one of the washrooms at the hotel if your room is not ready or if you are not staying at the hotel. Do not administer the test at the registration desk. 

      If you have a negative test, please answer the questions on saniTrakr and then proceed to the registration desk.

      If you have a positive test, follow the instructions that will be provided by the App.

      Check-in at the CanSPEP Registration Desk.

      Your Welcome Package includes:

      Conference Badge (required for access to all venues/sessions)


      ·       A Reusable mask.

      ·       You may also bring your own mask and replace your mask whenever you have been speaking a lot or if it becomes damp.  Disposable masks will also be available on-site.

      Face Shield

      ·       For extra protection, we ask that in addition to a mask, you wear a face shield during any of our group transit (buses).

      Hand Sanitizer

      ·       Individual use hand sanitizer will be provided onsite.

      Note:  Hand sanitizer stations will also be positioned throughout the meeting space.


      SUSTAINABILITY:  We will be weighing your luggage as part of our emissions tracking. 

      So, pack as light as you can. Do you really need that extra pair of shoes?

      EVERY DAY during Conference

      If you feel you may be exposed to Covid ‘after hours’ and would like another test – please drop by the registration desk to pick up an Antigen Rapid Test.

      Before joining the conference space – please answer the pre-screening questions on saniTrakr.

      • Throughout the Day

        All off-site venues have been pre-screened through the Covid-19 Ambassador program to ensure venues are following safety protocols.  You will be asked to scan a QR code when you enter each off-site venue which will be connected to saniTrakr. This ensures guests attending evening functions have also followed our Duty of Care program.   A mask must always be worn except for when eating/drinking and whenever possible we recommend, 

            • Stay 6’ apart
            • Sanitize your hands before and after touching a hard surface
            • Do not shake hands

        Group Transport by Bus:

        Bus Drivers will ensure vehicle is sanitized and well ventilated during and/or between trips

            • Sanitize hands before boarding and keep mask and face shield on 
            • No drinking or eating in vehicle
           Individual Transport by Car:

           If car-pooling to/from the conference, we recommend you follow the Car-Pool Advice.


          DRESS CODE:

        Let’s face it, everything has gotten more casual.  So, we recommend business casual with an emphasis on casual. Be comfortable.
      • Awards GALA:  This event is formal.  Bring your party outfit! (No judgement if it is a little tight).


        To support our sustainability efforts, please bring your own:

          • refillable water bottle
          • refillable coffee cup
      • While at the hotel, consider hanging your towels and limiting their use. There will not be daily housekeeping due to Covid. (Do you really need to use the facecloth? The robe?)  Let’s keep the laundry to a minimum.


        Although you are attending in-person, you are going to want to also engage with our virtual platform - Pheedloop - during the sessions.  This platform functions best with Chrome as the browser.  During breaks, you can network with our virtual attendees and make sure you check-out all the virtual exhibitors and sponsors that have supported us.

        Please bring:

          • Your laptop (Pheedloop has limited functionality on an iPad or tablet).
          • An extension cord/power bar
          • Your smart phone


      Everyone must check-in at the Walper Hotel to comply with our duty of care protocols. You cannot meet the group at one of the off-site venues.


      Please arrive by (BY 10:00 AM) on Wednesday (October 27th) morning, to allow time for check-in. 

      Registration opens at 9:00 AM.  A "grab & stay" lunch will be available for you from 11:15 AM – 11:45 AM.  We will be departing (by bus) for PLANNER DAY at the Delta Waterloo Hotel promptly at 11:45 AM.


      The registration desk is open daily to accommodate your arrival.

      Wednesday, October 27th:      9:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

      We will be departing (by bus) for the Welcome Reception at 6:00 PM.

      Thursday, October 28th:          8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

      Friday, October 29th:               8:00 AM – 2:45 PM



      20 Queen Street South, Kitchener, ON, N2G 1V6

      Tel: (519) 745-4321 or 1-800-265-8749


      Personal Accountability Commitment

      CanSPEP Conference attendees, event organizers and partners agree to engage safely which includes, but is not limited to; a rapid Covid-19 test upon arrival, using the saniTrakr App, wearing a mask at all times in public areas, engaging in appropriate physical distancing and not attending the event if you are experiencing signs & symptoms or have recently been exposed to or diagnosed and not yet cleared by provincial health authorities as non-contagious with COVID-19.

      In addition, please view the complete Walper Hotel Covid-19 guidelines for more information about their safety protocols.


      Before you Leave Home

       Read this document in detail

       Register on saniTrakr App

       Upload your Proof of Vaccination

       Pack: refillable water bottle & coffee cup + laptop, power bar/extension cord, your smart phone, extra masks & party outfit!

      Arrival at the Walper Hotel – Allow at least 30 minutes for Duty of Care

       Check-in and Show proof of vaccine at hotel check-in - located in the saniTrakr App

       Head up to 2nd floor to the Duty of Care Desk

       Pick-up Covid-19 Rapid Test & administer in guest room or hotel washroom – results take 15 minutes

       Answer questions in saniTrakr App then return to 2nd floor to check-in at CanSPEP Registration

       Follow protocols throughout the conference and ENJOY!


      Until then, stay safe and well.

      Click HERE for program information and virtual registration.



      Email Us

      Phone: 416-901-8341

      PO Box 41
      Whitby, ON L1N 5R7

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