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Upcoming Industry Events

Below you will find a list of external industry-wide events, that you may be interested in attending and where CanSPEP may be participating.

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    • May 10, 2022
    • December 06, 2022
    • 8 sessions

    Join us for our monthly industry community call, open to CanSPEP members and all our industry peers.  #BetterTogether

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    • January 18, 2023
    • 13:00 - 14:00
    • Virtual

    Conquering Your Clutter

    For Once and For All

    1:00 - 2:00 EST

    Clutter is what we end up with when we have more 'stuff' than we need.  When that happens our 'stuff' can weigh us down and fence us in.

    In this presentation you’ll learn the 5 step process for organizing and decluttering as well as tips and tricks for maintaining spaces so that they remain uncluttered and functioning optimally thereby saving you money and time and giving you back more space, more productivity and more alignment with those things that matter most to you. Time is left for questions.

    Free to attend for CanSPEP Members and Industry Community


    Martha Tobin, Owner, Declutter4Good - Organizing & Decluttering 

    Martha is the owner of Declutter4Good.  Currently the top-rated Organizing and Decluttering company in Ottawa, the team at Declutter4Good is focused on reducing clients' feelings of stress and overwhelm by helping them organize and declutter their homes and offices.

    They are proudly committed to making a difference in clients' lives as well as the lives of others in need in the community through their Donations That Do Good program.  This program allows them to decrease waste in landfills by donating those items that clients are willing to let go of to local charities.
    • January 25, 2023
    • 08:00 - 18:00
    • Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Toronto Pearson Airport

    Join us for a day of insights and inspiration to help us evolve ourselves and our businesses into the future. Program details include:



    Every business has challenges and opportunities that thoughtful marketing planning can support. Whether you want MORE business, DIFFERENT business, or LESS business looking towards retirement, marketing can play a role.

    This engaging, hands-on workshop will take business owners and leaders through the building blocks of a marketing plan geared towards entrepreneurial businesses. It will provide a little theory, some common marketing tools and tips, and short case studies to illustrate key concepts.

    Participants will have ample opportunity to ask the facilitator - an expert marketer and small business owner who understands the challenges of "bootstrap" marketing - questions to enhance understanding.

    Participants will leave with:

    • an outline of their own marketing goals
    • ideas on how to begin to budget for them with limited time and money
    • the role of partners, and knowing your niche to send clear messages
    • tips for measuring success and ROI without blowing the budget
    • knowledge about how to insource and outsource key support actions
    • a 60 day and 120 day action plan to help focus and mobilize on next steps



    (Calvin Strachan)

    Pressure - and there seems to be a LOT of it these days - distorts our thinking, leads to indecision, and sabotages our best intentions. Even Grammy winners and professional athletes collapse under pressure!

    Learn how to execute when the stakes are at their highest, to boldly step into situations that make us second-guess ourselves. Calvin is a powerhouse of inspiration and transformation tools and will help us discover what to do neurologically to protect against and reverse the effects of pressure.



    (Janice Cardinale and Jason Thomson)

    "Mental fitness" is part of the prescription that helps our Event, Hospitality, Meeting and Travel Professionals grow strong and survive the challenges of a high-stress industry. Event Minds Matter is on a mission to support leaders - like the members of CanSPEP - as we develop the skills and insights to make a difference. Join Janice Cardinale - founder of Event Minds Matter - and founding member Jason Thomson, for an enlightening and empowering conversation that provides thought leadership and resources to prepare you for the future. Because "building brave spaces to amplify the industry conversation on mental fitness is the recipe of success for the future."



    (Mohamad Fakih)

    Learn how Mohamad Fakih transformed a nearly bankrupt restaurant into one of the fastest growing Middle Eastern Halal restaurant chains in North America - through determination, drive and an unwavering commitment to uphold the values of giving back. In the midst of the pandemic, he even launched 3 new restaurant brands!

    Thank you to Tourism Mississauga for bringing this inspirational community leader to the CanSPEP Day program.

    All of this PLUS breakfast, lunch and a closing networking reception and an unlimited supply of HUGS!

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    ENHANCE your reputation, credibility and company's leadership position in the sector by supporting CanSPEP.

    GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE by building direct personal relationships with the people who make buying decisions about your products and services. 

Past events

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March 17, 2022 Tips, Tricks, Traps and Truths - Lessons Learned from the 2021 CanSPEP Hybrid Conference
February 16, 2022 Gender Inclusion and Diversity: Tactical Considerations for In-person and Virtual Events
January 26, 2022 CanSPEP Cares: Mental Health, Well-Being & Social Connections
December 23, 2021 Experiential Experts Virtual Holiday Celebration
December 15, 2021 CanSPEP Jingle McTwinkle Holiday Challenge
December 09, 2021 CSAE Trillium Hollywood Holiday Party (Virtual)
December 07, 2021 Lunch & Learn! ZOOM's new Events Tool
December 06, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
November 23, 2021 PCMA Canada East - ILLUMINATE
November 16, 2021 PCMA Canada West - SPARK
November 09, 2021 CSAE Community - 2021 Conference
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October 19, 2021 CME Expo 2021 - LIVE!
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September 13, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
August 02, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
July 20, 2021 CanSPEP Connections (formerly Count Your Blessings)
July 08, 2021 25th Anniversary Virtual Garden Party - Celebration Wrap-Up
July 05, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
June 29, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
June 15, 2021 The Sun Rises on Hybrid Events - What's in the Forecast?
June 07, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
June 01, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
May 18, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
May 04, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
May 03, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
April 22, 2021 Earth Day for Event People
April 20, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
April 13, 2021 MPI The Event
April 08, 2021 SPILL THE TEA presented by Durham College Event Students
April 08, 2021 GMID 2021 - Global Meetings Industry Day
April 08, 2021 Global Meetings Industry Day 2021
April 06, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
April 05, 2021 Members Marketplace Monday on Facebook
March 30, 2021 Virtually Ottawa - Launch!
March 23, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
March 09, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
March 04, 2021 MPI Toronto - Awards Gala
March 02, 2021 CSAE Trillium Winter Summit
March 02, 2021 CSAE Trillium Winter Summit
March 01, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
February 23, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
February 10, 2021 CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau Tete-a-Tete
February 09, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
February 02, 2021 Site Hybrid Conference
February 01, 2021 Member Marketplace Monday on Facebook
January 26, 2021 CanSPEP COUNTING BLESSINGS Community Call
January 12, 2021 MPI Toronto: Virtual Just Networking
January 11, 2021 PCMA Convening Leaders Conference
January 07, 2021 CanSPEP Holiday Event featuring CanSPEPardy!
December 09, 2020 SITE CANADA - Holiday Social
November 19, 2020 CanSPEP DAY - Focus on the Future
November 18, 2020 PCMA Canada East - Virtual AGM and Awards
November 03, 2020 MPAHT Virtual Conference
November 03, 2020 MPI World Education Congress - Reunite for Recovery
November 02, 2020 Virtual - CSAE Conference 2020: Unprecedented
October 29, 2020 MPI Ottawa Virtual Prix Prestige Awards Gala
October 28, 2020 SITE CANADA - Education Day
October 27, 2020 PCMA Canada East Webinar - Infodemic! Is Misinformation Killing Us?
October 21, 2020 GBTA Western Canada Conference 2020
October 21, 2020 SUSTAINABLE EVENTS FORUM - Virtual Forum & Tradeshow
October 13, 2020 Administrative Professionals Conference (Virtual)
October 12, 2020 PlanetIMEX
October 08, 2020 SITE CANADA MEMBERS ONLY - Cocktails & Conversation Thanksgiving Edition
September 29, 2020 PCMA East - Destination Download
September 22, 2020 Day of Visibility for the Canadian Live Events Industry
September 17, 2020 SITE CANADA - Young Leaders Trivia Game
September 16, 2020 Unite2020 Virtual
September 15, 2020 SITE CANADA - Empower Your Personal and Business Brand on LinkedIN
September 15, 2020 CANCELLED - IMEX America
September 14, 2020 Rally for Recovery: Canada's Living Room Leadership Chat
September 09, 2020 Postponed - ACTE Global Summit
August 25, 2020 ASTA GLOBAL LIVE
August 18, 2020 CANCELLED - CMEE EXPO
August 17, 2020 Cancelled - SITE CANADA - Golf Tournament
August 13, 2020 Dream It, Plan It, Build it - Lessons Learned in Virtual Events
July 27, 2020 (Virtual) - ILEA Live 2020
July 23, 2020 (Virtual) CSAE TRILLIUM - Summer Summit (Part 2)
July 16, 2020 (Virtual) CSAE TRILLIUM - Summer Summit (Part 1)
July 08, 2020 Cancelled - MPI TORONTO - Golf Tournament
July 07, 2020 Virtual - CSE LIVE 23rd Canadian Event Industry Awards
April 14, 2020 GMID Goes Virtual


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